Guide to the Most Reliable Subwoofers

If you want an audio system that is capable of generating a very loud music for your entertainment with music then here is a guide to purchasing the best audio systems. When you think about purchasing a brand new subwoofer to your vehicle, you are likely to think about the cost and sound quality. Subwoofers are the built-in speakers that can be mounted on vehicle’s roof top. When you get stuck in traffic jam, you must have observed bass-thumping that almost make a car appear like a dancing car. Subwoofer’s are almost clone of home theatre, you must have been to a house having home theatre and experienced the loud, lively and energizing sound that it generates. And this is exactly what a subwoofer will do for your vehicle. Car speakers are usually available in quite small size, which is why they have trouble in producing the right quality of sound, and fail to give your music depth and realism.

Why do you need a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a comprehensive loudspeaker which is specially manufactured to reproduce sounds for spaces having low-pitched acoustic frequencies called bass. A subwoofer is a square box that supplies the low-end bass notes in an audio system. These are usually called sub and can handle frequency varying from 20 to 20Hertz frequency. Professional DJs and live performers usually go for those woofers that work below 100 Hertz, while THX-certified systems only use woofers below 80 hertz.

  1. To boost the frequency range Professional audio subwoofers that are used in rock concerts in stadiums, DJ performances, and such type of events use comprehensive loudspeakers that are capable of high output levels with minimum distortion. This is also reflected in the design that is given in recent years to the applications of the subwoofer for sound reinforcement, dance club systems, concert systems, and public address systems. So, the main function of these subwoofers is to boost the frequency range as a comprehensive loudspeaker which usually covers up bands of higher frequencies.
  2. To experience depth and realism in music Subwoofers are crucial for those who want to experience depth in music. When you go to movie theatre, you amaze yourself not only at the images that are projected on the screen but also the sound quality that surrounds you. What actually grabs your attention is the sound you feel; deep bass actually shakes you up and gets you positively right in your senses. Specialized speaker, that is known as subwoofer is responsible for this kind of experience. The subwoofer is basically designed to reproduce the lowest of audible frequencies.
  3. For the safety of your ears It is important to find a quality woofer, not only for the sake of great music experience, but also for the safety of your ears. Many local subwoofers are capable enough to generate high levels in cars due to the smaller volume of a car interior. High sound levels in a car can actually cause hearing problems or hearing loss as well as tinnitus if one is exposed to these music volumes for an extended period of time.

Most of the people are really crazy about installing one such system in their car or home, but with the myriad subwoofers available near you, which one will be the best to buy? Though the simple logic explains “the bigger, the better” the most powerful system that you can afford is easy to say, the correct answer is a little complex to understand.

What type of subwoofer should you get?

Using a good quality 15 inch subwoofer can very well augment the capability of the main bass speakers. These systems are most preferred because they take up less space and don’t even make the user sacrifice with the capability to work on low frequencies. One should always try to find a subwoofer that matches up best to their needs. There are mainly two varieties of sub woofers, active subwoofer and passive subwoofer. An active subwoofer has an integrated speaker which helps in boosting the power to reproduce clear and louder sound. The passive sub-woofer doesn’t have such quality. It needs power from an external source, which can be taken through a separate amplifier and loud speaker. It lacks power supply and an in-built speaker. But these are easier to assemble when compared with active speakers. One can buy a good quality woofer manufactured by renowned brand at cost of around 60 USD. But the price varies depending upon the type of woofer, have a look at the diverse range of woofers that are available-

  1. Component Subs:

One can start looking at component subs which are actually the speaker only. Component sub should be mounted within the subwoofer box to make sure that it operates properly. Apart from this, you might also need to boost up the sub with an external amplifier. This type of sub varies from 8 to 15 inch in length and they are specifically designed to run-on low or high power, and are available in different types of boxes. One can pick from variety of models to match up with the design of their systems and choose from different voice call set ups and impedance.

  1. Enclosed sub woofers:

These are also pre-mounted within a box specially crafted to accommodate the sub. This variety of subs eliminates the requirement of an enclosure for the sub. You don’t really need to worry about designing and creating your system. But this variety offers a limited number of box types and speaker choices to choose from. You will also require an external amplifier to power up your subwoofer.

  1. Powered Subwoofer:

If you want to own a simple and a space saving bass system, then powered subs are definitely right choice for you. This variety of woofers combines both an amplifier in it and a woofer in also enclosed within the pack. The built in amplifier actually saves up a lot of space because there’s only one part of device that install in the area. These are very compact and don’t take much room in your vehicle, so these are just the best option for small vehicles. These require very simple procedure for installation.

  1. Vehicle specific woofer:

For those music lovers who are looking for a sub that blends well with the interior of their car, vehicle-specific subs are the most appropriate choice. These woofers are manufactured to suit up in different vehicles varying from trucks, cars, SUVS and are available in different colour combination that matches up to interior of vehicle. They might not be the best choice for everyone, but it’s great for those who want to suffice their listening needs with a woofer that resembles with their vehicle’s interior.

Most important key specifications that need to be considered once you have evaluated the right type of subwoofer or system which you should buy, start comparing with the specifications, for this will make it helpful for you to make a decision.

Have a look at some key features that you should take consideration-

  1. Power- This is most important for those who want a sound system that really blooms, because there is absolutely no substitute for loads of power. When buying a subwoofer makes sure you pay all your attention to the RMS power ratings, and not only on the peak power ratings. If you cater your attention towards RMS ratings, you can have an idea about continuous power handling and power output. These ratings will help you select the best and more efficient woofer. To solve the problem of insufficient power that might be lacking in a receiver or amplifier, powered subwoofers are self-contained amplifying units in which the characteristics of the amplifier are optimally matched.
  2. Note the number of voice calls- The most popular subwoofers are those that offer dual voice call services, and which is why the best choice among car audio lovers who want to have more flexibility for wiring up their car’s sound systems. But majority of subwoofers systems have a single voice call option bundled up with dual voice calls that can be use to separate voice calls with its own connection.
  3. The size of your woofer- The subwoofers are the boxes that can fit in under an end table. Inside to it are a large driver and usually the amplifier that powers the system. In order to perform its best, a driver must have some space in the cabinet; ideally, 12-inch driver will have a decent box size, while an 8-inch driver will need a smaller box to fit in. Woofer size is one obvious feature everyone must take consideration of. Most of us question what size subwoofers have the capability to play on the loudest sound? And it definitely is not an easy question to seek answers for. Spacious woofers are not an issue for those people who have ultimate priority of having a system that will play on the loud sound, and so they go by opting out the biggest subs for their car. But for those who want a smaller subwoofer, they should know that the smaller ones can also put out plenty of sound to bass through your car’s interiors.
  4. Type of enclosure- This type of enclosure that has been wrapped up and mounted in has a big effect on the quality and variety of sound the woofer produces. Generally, the sealed and fully enclosed woofers give you the most amazing sound. They have the deepest and most accurate sound, whereas the slightly ported and the band pass enclosures produce sound with more volume. Automobiles are not well suited for the ‘concealed’ subwoofer approach due to space limitations in the passenger cubicles. It is not possible, in most of the cases, to fit such large drivers and enclosures into dashboards or doors, so subwoofers are then installed into the trunk or backspace of the seat.
  5. The frequency range- This is another important feature that every woofer should take consideration into. Your subwoofer’s frequency can give you the proper estimation of how low a sub can play. The buyer should always keep this in mind when buying the subs. The real performance of subwoofer can obviously vary on several other features and be dependent on a lot of variables, but the frequency range can’t be ignored. The important thing to consider here is that since the extreme bass needs more power to produce low frequency sounds, your amplifier or receiver will need to be able to output enough power to sustain the bass effects in the subwoofer without actually draining it out completely.
  6. Sensitivity- This feature goes hand in hand with all other features. Any sub-woofer that has a higher range of sensitivity rating will require lesser power output. The power consumed to produce the same amount sound will be lesser for those subs that have better and higher sensitivity. So always go for those models that have an optimum sensitivity rating.
  7. Watt ratings- The watt rating is a quite rough guide on how loud a subwoofer will be able to play but it doesn’t have to be louder. You always have to control the volume. A 1000-watt sub can sound more specifically better at “regular” room volumes than in a 100-watt sub, though the 100-watt really isn’t that much valuable when you talk about the subs. All the credit goes to digital amplification, 300,500, and higher watt sub is very cost-effective. But the watt ratings are not based on subwoofer’s performance.


All these features must be considered when making purchase of a subwoofer. These are dedicated solely to reproduce low frequencies and a good quality subwoofer can drastically enhance overall listening experience. So, be smart while you make purchase of your woofers and allow it to make a good difference between a good sounding system and a great sounding system. Finding out the most appropriate subwoofer depends on variety of factors that can vary from your musical taste, availability of space and your budget. Make use of this guide to find out the most reliable subwoofer and get a bass that fits your mood.


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